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I design full of pure soul weddings
for couples and professionals from
the sector who want to create a
personal and sincere experience to
be shared, enjoyed and remembered

It is said that our personal experiences mark a milestone in our personal life experiences. My own story can be summarized with 20eventos.


  • Touched by details, I am so sensitive to all those little things that affect our senses, such as colours, scents, textures, rhythms and even silence moments. I work with all of them together as if they were ingredients of a secret and magic spell.
  • I am an idealist enthusiast and I will leave no stone unturned if I believe in something and I do believe in people. That is why every single wedding I design match to their protagonists and guests in a different way.
  • I am not scared of assuming challenges and leaving my confort zone. This it what has allowed me to grow and innovate along my life. I have reached goals others could not. Being the first in doing many things has allowed me to be different and to streghten my job.
  • I am determined and tenacious and I always defeat problems and difficulties. And believe me, there might always be many. But I am so sure it is worth pursuing what I am doing that I am always able to find solutions to every single challenge I approach.
  • I know working under preasure and handling those issues that might come up when teamworking. Within a Wedding there are many pieces that need to be fitted together and some disagreements that need to be solved too. This is my thing: finding a common ground beyond the differencies.


I must admit things have gone well in my life. I mean, before founding 20eventos. I got a good job possition in an agency based in Madrid that used to acomplish every logical life expectations: regarding to me it was a good place to settle in and regarding to my family this job was synonymous of success.

But there was a restless part of me that was so sure this was not the way I had to live my life so I fought against myself until I realized I really wanted to do another thing.


I founded 20Eventos after realizing life was made of little and selected memories that we decide to record. And I chose to keep the beauty, inspiring, pleasant, creative and transforming ones.

I wanted to create those unforgetable moments that build up our personal history.

and I chose to focus myself in one of those magic moments of our lifes, the ones that change and expand our horizons and paths: A wedding!

That is the reason why I work with couples who want to be the real protagonists of their own fairytale and who want to live every single moment intensely knowing there is not any better way to do so.

It’s been an absolute challenge to consolidate my work. At the beginning because it was a new thing and it was hard to make clients understand it. And as the time has gone by, being a wedding planner has turned into a trendy job that so many have wanted to try their luck.

In 20eventos we have organized more than 150 weddings for both national and international couples from Japan, USA, UK, Irland, Australia, China, France, Sweden or Lebanon.


> Graduated in Public Relationships and Publicity.
> MBA in Business Administration.
> More than 15 years of professional experience in Events Organization.